Vintage Kantha Quilt with geometrical pattern - Anokha Collection
Vintage red Kantha Quilt - Anokha Collection
Vintage Kantha Quilt in red and black geometrical pattern - Anokha Collection
Red and blue Kantha Quilt - Anokha Collection
Vintage red Kantha bedspread - Anokha Collection
Vintage Kantha throw in red geometrical pattern - Anokha Collection
Vintage Kantha bedspread in red and grey - Anokha Collection
Vintage Kantha Quilt in red and grey detail - Anokha Collection
red and grey Kantha Quilt label - Anokha Collection

Kantha Quilt n. 11: by Nargis

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For centuries, Bengali women have stitched their time softened saris into beautiful home textiles. The straight, even stitching together of layers of saris is a traditional Bengali technique known as Kantha.

In Bangladesh, our partner Basha continues this tradition by creating unique and high-quality Kantha textiles, handmade by women who are survivors or at risk of human trafficking and abuse.

Each purchase empowers the artisans working with Basha, giving them the opportunity of a dignified work and providing them with a sustainable livelihood.

Product Features

  • Kantha quilts are made with 6 layers of vintage cotton saris, hand-stitched together using a traditional Kantha stitch.
  • Each Kantha quilt is reversible, boasting on each side a colourful and one-of-a-kind pattern.
  • Each Kantha quilt features the hand-stitched name of the woman who made it.
  • Made in Bangladesh

Composition & Size 

  • Fabric: 100% vintage cotton saris
  • Size: approximately 2 m x 2 m (6'8" x 6’8”). It can be used as a throw, bedspread or picnic blanket.
  • Care: gentle wash and line drying are recommended to maintain the vibrant colour and texture of your cotton Kantha quilt.

Please note that each Kantha quilt is handmade using reclaimed cotton saris, for this reason, there may be signs of wear or minor flaws which only add to their charm.